Affirmative, Visitor!

Step into the cosmic haven of my digital realm!

Within these digital coordinates, you'll encounter an array of my creations and other interstellar offerings.

As you traverse these virtual spaces, please pardon the cosmic dust, for this celestial station is in the midst of construction.

Wishing you an extraordinary journey, and may your exploration be nothing short of stellar!

Station Commander's Log

Greetings, fellow spacefarers! I am Commander Strubel, the overseeing mind behind this station. At a youthful 20 orbits around the sun, I helm our digital realm as a Computer Science Expert hailing from Germany.

  • Passionate about programming, I master the intricacies of languages such as C# and PHP.
  • When not deciphering code, I find solace in the harmonies of EDM, Rock, and Metal.
  • Among the celestial games, my favorites include Minecraft, Star Citizen, and the industrial symphony of Factorio.
  • In the vast expanse of the cosmos, I cherish the tranquility of the night and harbor a disdain for the blinding daylight.

Embark on this cosmic journey with me, and together, we shall explore the wonders of the universe!

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