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About me

My name is Strubel or Kevin and I'm a 19 year old Computer Science Expert in training from Germany.

  • I'm interested in programming, music and gaming.
  • My favorite programming languages are C# and PHP.
  • My favorite games are Minecraft, Star Citizen and Factorio.
  • My favorite music genres are EDM, Rock and Metal.
  • I love the night and hate the day
  • Star Citizen Organization

    We are a dedicated group of space enthusiasts who have come together in the vast universe of Star Citizen. Our organization aims to explore the unknown, engage in thrilling space battles, and build a strong and supportive community for all our members.

    Whether you are a seasoned pilot or just starting your journey in the verse, we welcome you with open arms. Our organization offers a variety of roles and opportunities for you to excel in your preferred playstyle.

    Join us now and let's embark on unforgettable adventures together in the ever-expanding Star Citizen universe!


  • 10.08.2023 - Building a backup NAS...
  • 06.08.2023 - My first blog post
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